Frenquently Aked Questions About Night Vision Products

Frenquently Aked Questions About Night Vision Products

How do I decide which night vision device I need?
A: There are many different night vision devices, each made for specific purposes.
The first decision to be made is what you will be using the device for, and what you need it to do.

Ask yourself these questions:
• How much gain or light amplification do I need?
• How far do I need to see, and what range?
• How clear does the image I am looking at need to be?
Then, with this information you are prepared to select the right product.

How do night vision devices work?
A: Night vision devices collect any available amount of light, and amplify it to the point that we can easily observe the image.

What happens if I use a night vision device in the light?
A: All night vision devices are designed to be used ONLY in low-light or no-light condtions. You will most likely damage the device if you use it during daylight, or at night if you allow any bright lights to be viewed by the device.

In order to protect your night vision device, keep it stored in its case and use it only at night or in low-light conditions.

How far can I expect to see with my night vision device?
A: The distance you can see will be affected by the device itself and the conditions it is used in. Generally you should be able to see up to 400 ft, but if there is fog, rain, or other limiting factors this could be greatly reduced.

Can using a night vision device hurt my vision?
A: You can safely use any night vision device. It is no more dangerous than watching a television. If a bright light is directed at you while using a night vision device, it will not hurt your eyes, but could damage the device itself.

What are your return policies?
A: Click here for our complete return policies.

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